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  • Emergency Contact Number :- +421 904 482 566

Consular Hours:

Receipt of applications:

  • Monday - Friday 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Collection of documents (except Indian passports and OCI Cards) by the applicants:

  • Monday - Friday 3.30 - 4.30 PM

Collection of Indian passports and OCI Cards by the applicants:

  • Monday - Friday 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM

(Embassy is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and other specified holidays)

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Important Announcement

In continuation of earlier visa announcement, all travel agencies / agents are informed that it is mandatory to capture biometrics before issue of visas. No application will be accepted without personal appearance of the applicants for capture of biometrics w.e.f. 15 January 2014.

All visa applicants are required to fill in and submit their visa application forms online. The form can be accessed here.

A printout of the application, after online submission alongwith all the required documents listed below under the type of visa applied for, is then to be submitted to the Embassy by the applicant in person.

Each application submitted online will generate a unique web file number starting with the letter ‘SVKB’. Applications submitted online will remain in the system for 3 weeks within which it has to be submitted at the Embassy with all the supporting documents. If not, applicants will have to re-apply online.

Applicants may note the web file number to track the status of their application process online by clicking on ‘Visa Enquiry’ in the link for the application form.

Kindly see the general guidelines & visa information below.

General guidelines for visa applicants

Slovak applicants residing in a foreign country should apply for Indian visa at the Indian Embassy or Consulate in that country. 

They should not apply for visa at Bratislava through their representatives even if such respresentatives are carrying an authority letter.

Visa applications are to be made in person. The Embassy does not accept visa applications by Post.

Passport in original, valid for a minimum of six months beyond the period of visa required, should accompany the prinout of online visa application in prescribed form, duly filled in and signed, with recently taken passport size photograph (photocopies not accepted).

All fees should be paid in cash at the time of application. We do not accept cheques or credit cards. Fees once received will not be refunded, even if the visa application is withdrawn by the applicant or if the visa is not issued.

IMPORTANT: Visas are valid from the date of issue and not from the date of entry into India. Applicants may take this into account while specifying the duration of visa required.

The Embassy makes every effort to issue visa within 3 working days from the submission of the visa application with complete documentation. However, there could be delays depending on individual processing requirements. The Embassy reserves the right to reject any visa application without assigning any reason.

For applicants who do not have Slovak passport, an additional five to seven days processing time is required. There are also additional processing fees.

Applicants holding other than Slovak Passports should submit a proof of long-term stay (at least two years/Slovak Resident Permit) in the Slovak Republic.

Acceptance of the visa application does not guarantee issue of visa. The issue of visa, its type and duration are determined on the merits of each case.

If you are carrying any satellite phone please declare to the custom authorities on arrival in India.

Tourist Visa:

Visa application in prescribed form duly filled in and signed must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Proof of sufficient funds at the rate of EUR 50/- per day for each day of stay in India;
  2. Return air-ticket;
  3. Proof of medical insurance for the entire period of stay in India.

(Please, submit photocopies of documents required.)

Only those on bona fide tourist visits should apply for tourist visas. A Tourist Visa can only be granted to a foreigner who does not have a residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight seeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc. No other activity is permissible on a Tourist Visa. The Tourist Visa is non-extendable and non-convertible.

Tourist visas can be issued for a period of three/six months, with single entry. However, each stay in India not to exceed 90 days on Tourist Visa.

Double/triple entries can be considered for those tourists who, after initial entry into India, plan to visit another country largely on account of neighbourhood tourism related travel and re-enter India before finally exiting - this will be subject to submission of the detailed itinerary and supporting documentation (confirmed air ticket for the whole journey) at the time of applying for visa.

Business visa:

Multi-entry business visas may be issued up to one year period. Business visa can be granted subject to production of

  1. a letter from an authorized representative of the employing organization in Slovak Republic and
  2. an invitation letter in the name of the applicant or the Company in Slovak Republic, from the concerned business organization in India.

It should indicate the nature of the applicant's business in India, periods during which meetings to be held in India, place of visit, tentative dates of onward/return journey and certify that the applicant has been provided with sufficient funds for his maintenance and other expenses in India.

Persons other than Slovak nationals can also apply for business visa provided the period of permanent residence in Slovak Republic is more than 2 years and this needs to be proved by documents such as long term visa on the passport, permanent residence card etc. for more than last two years.

Business Visa applicants are requested to submit the additional information duly filled in with the visa application form.

Each application will be examined on merit.

(Please also see frequently asked questions on Business visa)

Employment visa:

Employment visa is granted for a period of up to one year. Employment visa can be obtained on furnishing proof of employment with companies in India.

Employment visa applicants should enclose copies of employment contract/invitation letter issued by the Indian employer. (Please also see frequently asked questions on Employment visa)

Project Visa

Project visa is granted to foreign nationals going to India for execution of projects in the power and steel sectors.

Please attached following documents: 
I) Copy of educational qualification with English translation (as applicable) 
II) Letter from the Indian company awarding the contract to the foreign company specifying the following details: 
a) Name of the foreign company 
b) Registered address of the foreign company 
c) Name of the project awarded as per the tender document 
d) Location of the project in India (Village/Town/District/State) 
e) Duration of the contract (number of days) 
f) Total number of foreign workers likely to be sent by the foreign company – category wise (i) highly skilled, (ii) skilled – technicians with diploma/polytechnic degree, (iii) skilled workers with school level education 
III) Letter from the Indian company addressed to the Indian Mission explicitly stating that it guarantees the conduct of the foreign company and the foreign personnel involved in the execution of the project/contract. This letter should also explicitly state that it would be responsible to ensure that the applicant (name of the applicant, passport no. and date of birth shall be mentioned) will abide by Indian rules and regulations. The letter should also state that the company will be liable to ensure departure of the applicant from India upon expiry of visa 
IV) Letter from the foreign employer providing brief description of the project in India and a brief description of the job which the applicant is required to perform in India.

Student visa

Student visa can be obtained on furnishing proof of admission to recognized universities/institutions in India. The student should also produce satisfactory evidence of financial support. Student visas are valid for the actual duration of the course of study or five years whichever is less.

For recognised Universities/Institutions please see the following links:



Entry visa: for students sponsored by AIESEC for social or community work in NGOs.

Business visa: for students sponsored for project based work in companies/industries

The visa is issued for the duration of the programme subject to a maximum period of one year.

Visa will be granted on the basis of a letter from the AIESEC chapter concerned sponsoring the student clearly indicating:

  1. the name of the company/NGO;
  2. the period of the programme;
  3. it has to be clearly certified by the AIESEC as to whether the NGO/Company would pay the students a subsistence allowance or make arrangements for their boarding and lodging.

Research Visa

Research Visa are given to research scholars who have secured admission to an approved Indian University/Institutions of higher learnings. The visa may be granted for a period of three years or for the duration of the research project whichever is earlier.

The following information/documents are to be furnished with the visa application form:

  1. Subject/topic of the research project,
  2. Details of places to be visited in India during the project period
  3. Details of previous visits to India.
  4. Letter of admission and Certificate of Affiliation in ORIGINAL from the recognized Indian University/Institution in token of having secured admission for the research project. (e-mails/fax or photocopies of admission letters will not be accepted).
  5. Evidence of financial resources to meet the expenses during the stay in India.
  6. In case the research proposal relates to the applicant's own country a brief synopsis (150 words) and justification for doing research in India should be submitted alongwith the application.
  7. No column of the application form must be left blank by the applicant.

Transit Visa

Transit visa is granted for travel through India to reach a destination outside India. The visa will be valid for entry within 15 days of date of issue for a maximum stay of 3 days.

For a stay in India beyond 3 days, an appropriate visa should be obtained. The confirmed through air ticket for onward journey should be submitted with the application to obtain Transit Visa.

Entry Visa

For all other purposes, entry visas can be obtained. These will be granted depending on the purpose of visit and eligibility, on a case to case basis.

Journalist Visa

Generally provided to professional journalists and photographers for up to three months' stay in India. Foreign journalists visiting India for any other purposes, such as attending a conference or tourism, etc. should also apply for a ‘J’ Visa.


In certain cases applicants are advised to contact the Press and Information wing of the Embassy in the following cases, prior to submitting their visa applications:

  • If intending to make a documentary or advertising film in India;
  • If intending to make a feature or commercial film for TV or cinema;
  • If intending to visit restricted or protected area;
  • If intending to go to India for more than three months.

Applicants going to India as resident representatives of their newspapers, TV organistions, etc. should also contact the Press and Information wing of the Embassy at the earliest. Please note the validity of the visa is effective from the date of issue.

Visa Fee: € 98 for upto three months' visa; € 148 for period above three months.


  • Members of foreign team going for a commercial shoot such as a feature film /reality TV or commercial TV should apply for Business visa;
  • Employment visa is given to foreign journalists including intern journalists going to work in Indian media organisations;
  • Employment visa is given to employees/managers going to India for non-journalistic activities within media organisations;
  • Student visa is the appropriate visa for pursuing full time courses in journalism.

Time taken: Time taken may vary on case-to-case basis.

IMPORTANT: Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents, entering into surrogacy arrangement under other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law.

The following visa fee is payable with effect from April 1, 2017 at the time of submission of the application:

S. No. Type of Visa Fees in Euro
1. Tourist visa (single/double/multiple entry) valid for up to six months 98
2. Tourist visa(multiple entry) valid for up to one year 98
3. Tourist visa(multiple entry) valid for up to 5 years 193
4. Business visa (multiple entry) valid for up to one year 117
5. Student visa (multiple entry) (valid for the duration of the course or five years whichever is less 79
6. Transit visa (single/double entry) valid for 3 days 22
7. All types of multiple entry visas (other than tourist/business/transit and student visa) valid for  
Up to six months 79
Up to one year 117
Up to five year 193

For other kinds of visas, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Registration requirement for all foreigners:

Registration with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office is required within 14 days of arrival in India for visas valid for more than 180 days. Failure to do so will entail payment of a penalty of US$ 30/-.

Registration of Indian nationals:

All Indian nationals resident/new arrivals in the Slovak Republic are advised to register themselves with the Embassy of India. This will facilitate interaction with the Embassy and would also prove useful in rendering faster consular services.