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ICCR Scholarships


Indian universities and educational institutions have been recognized the world over as seats of learning. Over the years excellent educational institutes have emerged all over the country on various disciplines ranging from the arts and humanities to physical and natural science, medicine and engineering. India enjoys having the reputation of having the largest educational system in the world. The comparatively inexpensive education that India offers makes India one of the best choices for both undergraduate studies and higher learning. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations offers 1000 scholarships every year under its various schemes. International students from over 70 countries study in different universities and educational institutions in India and pursue a variety of course from undergraduate studies to doctoral degrees in various subjects. Scholarships are also given for learning Indian classical music and dances, paintings sculptures etc. The international students stay in India for over three years as ICCR scholars and when they return to their country, several of them occupy positions of importance. They are able to reflect a greater understanding and appreciation of India's cultural, economic, political and social diversity.